guia bilbao BANNERMARZO Aste Nagusia (August)

Aste Nagusia (August)

“Aste Nagusia” means “Main Week”, and it is a 9 days period from the first Saturday after the 15th of August on, when Bilbao celebrates its main feasts. It is a massive and truly popular celebration, organized by the “comparsas” (neighbourhood associations, and other collectives). These collectives occupy “Arenal” for nine days, organizing many events, such as contests (there is a gastronomy contest every morning), children games, concerts, sports exhibitions… During the night this area goes wild, and it is real fun. Visitors can hang around the area anytime and will enjoy the experience.

The Municipality arranges many acts as well, such as the Fireworks exhibitions that take place every night.

Bullfights take place during these nine days (and Bilbao Feria is considered among the most important ones in the world), and theatres and cultural activities flourish all around the city.

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guia bilbao tiny Aste Nagusia (August)