guia bilbao BANNERMARZO Carnival in Bilbao (February)

Carnival in Bilbao (February)

Not a fixed date (it could even be the first week of March, depending on the Easter Week). Although Carnivals last for longer (from Saturday to Wednesday), Saturday is the main day.

Two main events happen in Bilbao on Carnival Saturday afternoon: an official parade, organized by the municipality, along Gran Vía, and a popular one, organized by neighbourhood associations and other collectives (the ones that organize “Aste Nagusia”). Both of them are interesting, the fist one is more “professional”, and can be understood as a spectacle, and the second one is much more popular, and anyone can take part in it (for that purpose a costume is welcome).

During Saturday night Bilbao goes crazy and people party in local clubs, mainly around the Old Quarter. Next four days other events take place (but not that much partying).

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