guia bilbao BANNERMARZO La Arboleda (2h + meal)

La Arboleda (2h + meal)


Bus from Abando A3336 or A3337 (every 30 min)

Funicular: 7:00 – 23:00 (every 30 min)

From Abando station in Bilbao, it will take us 30 minutes to get to Trapagaran by bus (ask the driver). There we will take the funicular to La Arboleda.

La Arboleda is a mining spot located in an astonishing natural environment, a place from where the sea can be glimpsed in the distance, and a perfect spot over the valley of Bilbao. These mountains landscapes have been shaped by opencast mining, and nowadays, former mine shafts have become artificial lakes, creating surprising shapes. This old mining town is nowadays totally dedicated to its visitors and tourism.

La Arboleda’s History is politically thrilling, tied to Spanish syndicalism and some of the prime characters of this movement. Dolores Ibarruri, “La Pasionaria” (1895-1989) lived and worked here. She was a miner’s daughter and then was married to a many times jailed Union leader. She worked as a servant here, and her early life conditions reflect those dark times. Four out of the five daughters of “La Pasionaria” dead before being 3 years old. La Pasionaria got to be world known for her speeches during the Spanish Civil War (“¡No pasarán!”, battle of Madrid).

Besides the landscape and the historical contents, it is a good idea to enjoy an appetizer in the village square, and then enter one of the many restaurants in town for the typical beans stew. It is a menu full of energy and rooted in the mining past of La Arboleda. And nobody should leave before tasting it…

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guia bilbao tiny La Arboleda (2h + meal)