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Sopelana Beaches


Metro Exit: Larrabasterra

Metro Entry (way back): Larrabasterra

It will take us 30 minutes from Bilbao to get to Larrabasterra station by metro.

From the Metro Station of Larrabasterra, we shall take the road to the right after the first crossing. After a 20 minutes walk we shall arrive to a parking area located between two beaches, “La Salvaje” (Barinatxe, or “The Wild One”) to the left, and Atxabiribil – Arriatera to the right. In summer time, it is possible to take a free bus from the Metro Station to these beaches.

These two beaches, located in the town of Sopelana, are remarkable for their great cliffs, and they are perfect  spotsboth for surfing and paragliding.

Atxabiribil – Arriatera is the biggest one, and the one that receives more visitors. It has many facilities and resources, such as playgrounds for the children, or public showers.

“La Salvaje” is much more calm than Atxibiribil, less people visit it, and there is a nudist area as well. In September ainternational nudist race takes place here. All around these two beaches we can find different kind of bars and restaurants, to enjoy a good meal, a drink or even some live music during the night.

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