guia bilbao BANNERMARZO Plentzia Gorliz (2h 30 m)

Plentzia-Gorliz (2h 30 m)


Metro Exit: Plentzia

Metro Entry (way back): Plentzia

We shall visit the fishing village of Plentzia and the coast of Gorliz along this walkway. It will take us 40 minutes from Bilbao to get to Plentzia station by metro.

We shall first cross the white bridge to enter Plentzia town centre. This town still keeps its old times charm, we recommend the walkway by the estuary, and there is a wonderful Gothic church and some interesting fisherman houses.

Keeping on walking by the estuary we get to the little port, and then to the beach. Here it is possible to have a nice view of the surroundings, while eating typical seafood, squid or snails. The Bay of Plentzia and its beach offer great resources, especially if the weather is good: it is possible to practice kayaking, paddle boarding, or even surf. If the weather is not so fine, it is always possible to keep on walking by the promenade.

So we shall leave the beach of Plentzia behind us, and we shall enter the beach of Gorliz. This beach has recently recovered its natural landscape, full of sand dunes and beach vegetation, by means of constructing a nice wooden walkway that crosses it from Plentzia to the spur breakwater at the end of it.There is a  tuberculosis sanatorium founded in the early years of the 20th century right in front of the beach. Every December a horse race takes place in this beach.

From the end of this walkway we could take a staggered path upwards. This would lead us to the mountain, in an interesting visit that takes another hour and a half (round trip, medium difficulty) towards the lighthouse of Gorliz and the old bunkers of Cabo Villano. It is a nice visit to complete the day, and it is not difficult to find the correct path (but some help from the locals is recommended anyway).

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guia bilbao tiny Plentzia Gorliz (2h 30 m)
guia bilbao tiny Plentzia Gorliz (2h 30 m)