guia bilbao BANNERMARZO Zorrozaurre (2h 30m)

Zorrozaurre (2h 30m)

Industrial Architecture walkway

Metro: Deusto

This nice walkway by the estuary will let us discover some interesting architecture remaining from the industrial past of Bilbao.

We’ll depart from Euskalduna bridge, on the right side of the estuary, and by IMQ building (by Carlos Ferrater, 2012). Soon as we begin walking, the pathway makes us cross the road by the estuary, and there we’ll find a signboard, made of tiles, of “Sails and Sunshades Bilbao-Goyoaga”, dated in 1912.

From then on, we’ll enter Zorrozaurre neighbourhood, and after the pavillion of a local rowing team (Deusto), there is a first interesting industrial building: “La Coromina Industrial”. This company used to produce sulphur and carbonic anhydrides until 1983, the last flood. The building was designed by Manuel María Smith, and built in 1923. Its style is eclectic.

Some further we see the Artiach biscuits company building, a nice example of rationalism, the façades are enormous and made of brick. The composition reflects some Dutch influence (De Stijl). On that area we can find ZAWP, a very interesting visit to find out the re-use of some of these pavilions, that today host cultural and artistic activities through collaborative work.

If we keep on walking we’ll discover other buildings as Cromoduro or Mefesa. At the end of the path, we’ll see the magnificent “Great Basque Mills” company on our left. A building from 1923, by Federico Ugalde, with 23 silos, 29 ovens, inner 6 stories high cranes… It is protected as Industrial Heritage since January 2009.

One last quote: even if it seems that the walkway finishes where the road ends, it is a good option to keep on walking until the end of the peninsula, which is very close from that point. That is a quite place where we can discover the bifurcation of the estuary, and chill out a little before heading back towards Bilbao.

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guia bilbao tiny Zorrozaurre (2h 30m)