MINING, LANDSCAPE and TRADITIONAL FOOD Bus from Abando A3336 or A3337 (every 30 min) Funicular: 7:00 – 23:00 (every 30 min)

guia bilbao 2 puentecolgantepuertoviejo39 200x150 Information

ARCHITECTURE by the COAST Metro Exit: Areeta Metro Entry (way back): Algorta

SEAMEN VILLAGE and NATURE Metro Exit: Plentzia Metro Entry (way back): Plentzia

SURF, PARAGLIDING and BEACHES Metro Exit: Larrabasterra Metro Entry (way back): Larrabasterra

Industrial Architecture walkway Metro: Deusto


guia bilbao 1 sanblas01 200x150 Information Saint Blaise’s Day (February 3rd)
Protect your throat the whole year, and taste some of the traditional glazed donuts

guia bilbao 2 santaageda01 200x150 Information Saint Agatha’s Day (February 4th/5th)
Traditional basque chorales walk around the whole town, keeping the rhythm with the helps of their canes

guia bilbao 3 carnaval03 200x150 Information Carnival in Bilbao (February)
Bilbao is fun during carnivals, and Saturday is the best day to wear your favorite disguise all around the town

guia bilbao 4 gutunzuria03 200x150 Information “Gutun Zuria” Literary Festival (March-April)
The annual meeting with the most important thinkers and writters.

guia bilbao 5 semana santa03 200x150 Information Easter Week (March-April)
Religious tradition: first level processions and sculpture masterworks

guia bilbao 6 bbklive03 200x150 Information BBK Live Music Festival (July)
Best international pop and rock a few minutes away from Bilbao

guia bilbao 7 astenagusia03 200x150 Information Aste Nagusia (August)
Bilbao goes crazy for the only week lasting 9 days

guia bilbao 8 diadeltxikitero02 200x150 Information Saint Mary’s Day (October 11th)
Txikiteros’ day (txikitero is the one who drinks wine from bar to bar) is a popular festivity with a great ambience in the Old Quarter

guia bilbao 9 zinebi02 200x150 Information Zinebi Film Festival (November)
International documentary and short films festival

guia bilbao 10 santotomas03 200x150 Information Saint Thomas’ day (December 21st)
This fair remains as it used to be, when farmers of the surroundings came to Bilbao to sell their best products before Christmas