guia bilbao BANNERMARZO Terpsichore


Authort:   Salvador Dalí   

Year:      1971-2003

Style:   Surrealism

Terpsichore is the muse of Dance, a daughter of Zeus, and regarding to Greek mitology, she used to wear flowers in her head and played the harp. She is thought to be the mother of the sirens.

The most remarkable feature of this version by Dalí is that the muse doesn’t have a head, and her arms look like wings, while a large skirt covers her legs and reinforce the sense of movement of the piece. The author considered that Terpsicore did not need a beautiful face to show the triumph of Dance.

Dalí made the mould of this sculpture in 1971, and it is a series of only two casts, being this one the only one in Europe.

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